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70-72 Dash pad repair caps?

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Has anyone ever had experience with the dash caps they sell that go over damaged dash pads?Pros,cons? I was thinking of using one on a busted up pad I have so I can save my original one.Saw one on Ebay for $100 with shipping.Was wondering how noticable (Original or Fake) they look once on? Is it worth the money? Thank's....Jim
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J70chev, Thank's for the reply.I have been shoping for a good decent used pad with out spending a ridiculous fortune.Have you seen the prices on ebay? :eek: Just out of hand. :mad: Could by a repro,but haven't heard any thing good about them.Just weighing out some of the avalible option thats all. ...Jim :D
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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