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70-72 Dash pad repair caps?

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Has anyone ever had experience with the dash caps they sell that go over damaged dash pads?Pros,cons? I was thinking of using one on a busted up pad I have so I can save my original one.Saw one on Ebay for $100 with shipping.Was wondering how noticable (Original or Fake) they look once on? Is it worth the money? Thank's....Jim
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Just buy another dash off ebay and use that if you want to save your original. Or better yet, buy a cleaner one and use your original. But I'm curious why you would want a cherry dash sittin in the rafters while you're driving your car? Put the good stuff in the car and enjoy it, when it goes bad, restore it. I personally wouldn't go with a cap, they're cheap and look like crap. Plus 100 bucks for a thin plastic shell is too much, you could buy a good used dash without cracks for that much.

good luck
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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