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70-72 Chevelle owners, fuel system help

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Hi everyone, I am ready to order up my fuel system and have a couple of questions. First off my motor is a 383 stroker that is fairly healthy (513hp, 506tq), I am running a mighty demon 750 carb and a holley 110gph mechanical fuel pump. My Chevelle is a 1972 and has a charcoal canister and emission system under the back seat, my original fuel tank has two lines that look like a vent or breather line (one located at each corner of the tank). Here is my question is there any way I can eliminate these systems? I want get rid of the charcoal canister and unhook the system under the back seat, can this be done? I was wondering if I could just use a fuel tank and cap for a 1970 Chevelle. I have been told it can be done but I have to have a way to vent the tank. Just so everyone knows I am ordering a new fuel tank, mounting straps (and insulation),fuel lines and cap and sendin unit. My main issue has been trying to eliminate this canister and still have a safe and proper vented fuel system, Thank you for your input.
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if you park your car in a garage connected to the house you'll be better off leaving the canister stuff and making sure it works right. These old cars will really stink up the house. I have a 70, had a tank leak, only tank laying around was a 72, in it went. Got tired of the wife griping about the gas smell, hooked up a canister system and it went away. I just hooked those 2 vents together with a T, ran a line to the front. Found a simple canister off some GM car, hooked it up.

There is no performance penalty involved in this, doesn't operate at heavy throttle, just in cruise mode.
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