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70-72 Chevelle owners, fuel system help

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Hi everyone, I am ready to order up my fuel system and have a couple of questions. First off my motor is a 383 stroker that is fairly healthy (513hp, 506tq), I am running a mighty demon 750 carb and a holley 110gph mechanical fuel pump. My Chevelle is a 1972 and has a charcoal canister and emission system under the back seat, my original fuel tank has two lines that look like a vent or breather line (one located at each corner of the tank). Here is my question is there any way I can eliminate these systems? I want get rid of the charcoal canister and unhook the system under the back seat, can this be done? I was wondering if I could just use a fuel tank and cap for a 1970 Chevelle. I have been told it can be done but I have to have a way to vent the tank. Just so everyone knows I am ordering a new fuel tank, mounting straps (and insulation),fuel lines and cap and sendin unit. My main issue has been trying to eliminate this canister and still have a safe and proper vented fuel system, Thank you for your input.
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Hi guy's, thanks for all the responses. I don't think I was real clear in my description, I am trying to keep a factory appearing fuel system. I don't have a fuel pressure regulator, and definitely don't want a sump, my Chevelle did not come with a return line, I just wanted to know if it was possible to run the fuel system from an earlier year Chevelle to eliminate the EEC system for those years that did not have it and still have a normal functioning fuel system. But it looks like I will just have to keep everything the way it is and get new replacement parts for a 72.
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