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Want to put the A/C back into my 70 LS5 SS, the interior stuff looks like it is still there, but everything was torn out of the engine compartment. THe only thing left is the big piece mounted to the firewall. I see things on ebay that say complete system. Can I use a system from a 350 70 chevelle on my car? I want to keep this as "original" as possible. Thanks

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I might have what your looking for next month when a friend delivers it for me.
I only needed 1 little section of this LOL :clonk:

So I bought the whole thing for $26.00:D thats right $26.00
But the shipping is killing me, LOL
Payed a buddie of mine $200.00 to bring the thing to me in Florida next month,lol for xmas..
Whow what a xmas gift to my self...:clonk:I guess I will have alot of good parts off this thing when I get it, my friend says it looks brand new even the dash pad, lighter, dash bezels, ash tray,ect:thumbsup: I was thinking of putting a complete AC in my 69 convertible, but I havent really decided yet. Iam leaning to not using the ac so far I havent posted a pole on TC if I should go with AC or Not yet. My 69 SS convertible that Iam restoring now did not come with AC. If your interested I will keep you in mind about this thing send me a PM.
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