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70/396 valve covers

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Anybody know if chrome valve covers and air cleaner lid have a rpo. number or is designated some were on my build sheet? I see some have them and others don't. I got it with custom junk and don't see any thing on my build sheet.
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Jeff or Dave, my 70 SS has a chrome lid on the air cleaner that I thought was correct. after reading your posts I checked my build sheet and it has DG in the air cleaner box. ZL2 spc duct hood. So in fact this lid is to be black?? If so what finish? semi? Thanks Norman
Thanks Jeff!!! by the way-the carb you sold me was perfect, we fired the car last Saturday. ran very well on the lift for the break in. minor adjustments on the idle. Norman:beers: :hurray:
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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