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69SS Vacuum Actuator

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Does anyone know where I can purchase the vacuum actuator that is mounted on top of pass. side cowl under hood that is used for the air consitioning system? Wondering if these can still be purchased new? Thanks.
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Thanks Bill. After looking further I noticed its not the actuator that is broke, it is the little elbow bracket that attaches to the actuator on one end and to the flapper door on the other. I'm guessing I would have to find a used one of those?
Thanks Erich!! Thats exactly what i need. I am also looking for a switch/relay (not sure what it is called) that mounts on top of the inside heater box. It has a white button that moves in and out. Anybody know what I am talking about? Thanks.
It has two terminals. The switch in the first pic does not really look like it. The bracket looks like it would work, but the terminals are wrong for stock plug. It does have white button like second pic.
Erich, I checked out the link you posted. The '68 is not the same as mine. The '69 switch under the '68 "on top of heater box" switch part number pulls up the in dash switch. I will call this place Monday and see if they have one for '69. I don't know if mine is bad, but the switch is sticking, which would probably not stick if I cleaned it. And considering the location I thought i would replace while i have everything out. Thanks to you and Chad for your help.
1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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