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'69 wheel sizing help needed

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Guys, going w/the suggestions to run 275/50-15 ET radials. I've got 275/60-15 BFG T/A on there now, and the wheel has a 4.5 BS. There is no way a bigger tire will clear the out wheel well/quarter panel - it just about fits as it. I may be able to go a touch more to the inside - not much though. I'm about an 1" from hitting the 3" tail pipe.

What do to? 5" backspace maybe? I dont want to spend alot of $$ on wheels - these will be just a dedicated set of drag wheels.
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a 275/60 is 2" taller than a 275/50. both tires should have the same section width but the 50 series might have a slightly wider tread, this wont cause any problems because the section widths are the same.

anyway, if you're using a 275/60 now, a 275/50 will fit with the same wheel combo you are currently using.
at one time summit was carrying circle track wheels in those specs for about $30-$40 a piece, but unfortunately it looks like they arent carrying them ayymore. either that or i just cant find them.

i did find this place,

look for the "Daytona" in standard weight (they make them in lightweight too). you can get them in 15x8 and 15x10 with anywhere from 2" to 5" bs on the 8" and 2" to 6" bs for the 10", only thing i dont see is the bolt pattern listed but i would imagine you can get whatever you want, i know summit offered them in many bolt patterns including the 5x4.75".

they're asking $39 a piece for them raw.

i dont know how you feel about this style of wheel, but if they're only going to be used for racing i dont think they are all that bad. i honestly think the stock cars look pretty good with these wheels.

you're only other option would be rally wheels(like wheel vintiques or similar), but they're about $60 to $70 a piece.
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he probably means 5" backspacing isnt enough with 10" wide wheels, it will most likely hit the outer fender lips. i dont have any experience with anything other than a 66 in this area, so i cant say for sure.

to be honest, i think you'll be fine with an 8" wide wheel. i know Gene aka
427L88 uses 275/50/15 drag radials on 15x7/8 wheels (not sure, but i know they arent any wider than 8"), and im using 26x10s on 8" wide rallys.

since you are going with steel wheels a benefit of the 8" over the 10" is them being lighter, as was mentioned already these steel wheels are fairly heavy. although i doubt there is that much weight difference between them, but why go with a heavier wider wheel when its not really necessary?

besides if you're running 275/60s on 15x8 wheels with 4.5" backspacing now, the same spec rally wheel with 275/50s will work just fine without the backspacing hassles.
haha i wish i could read minds, it might have saved me some grief with the females over the years.

only thing is, i dont know that Gene has actually gotten Old Red to hook at this point or he really hasnt launched the old girl yet, i believe his best 60ft is 2+ something.

i would not be worried about running an ET street on an 8" wide wheel, im doing it with a 10" wide slick. hoosier says that the minimum recommended width for these is 9", but they work fine. you probably will need to adjust the tire pressure to give you a flat footprint, i did this by wetting the bottom of my driveway and doing some short rolling burnouts. watch the tread pattern for wear all the way across the tread, if you have too much air the edges will show no wear. do this until the whole tread is wearing all the way across, you can also look at the marks left on the driveway but i found it easier by look at the tire itself. you can do this at the track too, but i found it easier to do it at home without the rush involved at the track, plus the marks will go away.

if you do decide to go with the ET streets or QT pros, keep in mind that they rate the widths using the sidewall NOT by tread width like they do real slicks. so a 26x10.5 et street only has a 9" tread width, to get a 10" wide tread you need the 26x11.5.
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ahh yes, those are M/Ts drag radials. from what ive heard from here and locally those are the best drag radials out now, and some have said they hook as well as slicks.

ive even heard of some tracks banning them in the street classes because they hook so well.
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