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'69 wheel sizing help needed

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Guys, going w/the suggestions to run 275/50-15 ET radials. I've got 275/60-15 BFG T/A on there now, and the wheel has a 4.5 BS. There is no way a bigger tire will clear the out wheel well/quarter panel - it just about fits as it. I may be able to go a touch more to the inside - not much though. I'm about an 1" from hitting the 3" tail pipe.

What do to? 5" backspace maybe? I dont want to spend alot of $$ on wheels - these will be just a dedicated set of drag wheels.
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Tell you from first hand experience - a 275 (50 or 60 series - makes no difference) sidewall will rub the 1/4 panel if mounted on a 10" rim w/ 5" BS. You might get away with it at the track, but on anything other than a dead flat road, the tires will hit. Only way around it is to roll the wheel well lip.
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