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'69 SS Carpet Installation Tips

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Hi All,

I am ready to install a new carpet in my '69 SS. I searched this site and cannot find any
tips on carpet installation. I have never done a carpet installation and do not want to screw it up. Could you all supply some tips? It is a console/4 speed car.


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Hi Jeff, I've installed a few pre-molded kits (but never one in a car with a console). I'm assuming that yours is a pre-molded kit. Two important things I learned (the hard way) is to: (1) lay the carpet kit out for a few days to let it "stretch" out into its normal shape (sunshine and warmth helps a lot), and (2) don't cut the carpet to fit perfectly; cut it a little bit larger. The reason for this is because after a couple months the carpet will settle down snug into the curves of the floorpan. If you cut the carpet to fit precisely, it will "pull away" from the edges (kick panels, etc.) as it settles into the floorpan curves.
I just put new carpet in my 66 with console. its the second time ive done it. dont cut a big hole for the console mounting. just a few small ones or use a center punch to fin the holes through the carpet. also invest in some sounds insulator.the second time I put in some underneath the entire carpet and it makes a world of diffrence. it quites the ride down so you just hear the purr from the mufflers.just try to make as few cuts as possible when istalling the carpet. and use a good spray glue(like 3M) from a parts house.
If it's loop carpet, trim carpet around all screw holes before attatching door sills, console etc. Turning a screw into the carpet can cause a loop to pull out leaving a bare strip across the carpet (like a run in you're girlfriend's stocking, and you know what that can do for her day!).
i'm in the process myself with a 69 ss. no console. i don't know where you bought your carpet from but i understand they're all made to fit the largest trans. hump. due to a tip a few days back i've been using a portable steamer thingie. it really helps smooth out the wrinkles. good luck, hope it looks great. e-mail me if you care to compare notes. john..
One thing I recall from doing the carpet in my 69 Malibu, which was a factory console and bucket seat car, was that I had to cut out a small section of the carpet so that it would lay down around the rear bracket for the console. If you just go over the top of this bracket, the carpet doesn't lay right.

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Another tip would be to cut "U" shaped slits for each seat bolt access. This way you have a flap that helps cover the seat bolt and bracket.

Steve Strasemeier (70SS)
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