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69 Parchment Paint Formula

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Does anyone have the paint formula for the 69 Parchment interior, I know there are companies that sell it but I need it this weekend so ordering it is out of the question, Thanks, DuPont would be great
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Or you can give them the PPG/Ditzler Parchment Interior Color Code 22841 and have it mixed from that, right? You can have it mixed in DIU or DBI. I would suggest an adhesion promotor. All these colors codes are available gentlemen. We used to have "books" with them at the shop. Now all this info is on the internet. I've painted a lot of plastics over the years and if done correctly durability and longevity are sound. It's all in the tech sheets and all those are available too. Read them.
The code is the one that is assigned to the paint in 1969. Just like code 72/Hugger Orange is PPG Code 2084 and so on... The tints are pulled from the system using that formula using today's paints. Some are a direct mix, some are a variance, an offset if you will. I have all my paint mixed. The vendors still sell them in aerosol as well but I don't know how accurate the mix is.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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