Looking for an original radio from a 69 Chevelle. I would prefer an AM/FM radio, but I would consider a AM.
I do not have a way to repair a radio that does not work, so please insure you are selling me a complete working radio. (knobs & nuts included)

I see several on evilbay for big money, but that is not what I am shooting for. My 69 Elco is just a summer daily driver, so I do not need to spend big dollars to some money maker lurking on evilbay, trying to score big time. I just want a simple working radio that is a direct bolt-in. I see the 2 mounting posts on the factory radio are at 2 different heights, so I'm pretty sure that's an oddity compared to most "common" GM radios. That is why I'm looking for an original radio (installation simplicity).

I also own a working 1966 Chevelle AM radio that I could use as an exchange / swap for a working 1969 radio, or please let me know how much money you would take for your 69 radio. (no, the 66 radio does not fit into the 69 dash mount :))

Thank you,
or [email protected]