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69 Ignition Lock Removal

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  • 69 Ignition Lock Removal

    Z._. - &nbsp what's the trick to getting the ignition switch out of the steering column of a 69 Chevelle. it says how in my Haynes manual but the column it shows in the picture is different from mine.

    G.M. - &nbsp I just did one on a 72 Nova, and I don't know if it is the same as yours, but in my case the Haynes illustration was also not correct. On the Nova, I had to remove the steering wheel, locking steering wheel "star" plate, and turn signal guts, although I think I may have been able to do it with the guts in place. One thing I had in my favor is that I was replacing the cylinder, and I could tell by looking at the new one where the release mechanism should be. I did have to use a screwdriver to break through the casting behind the turn signals. In relation to the Haynes drawing, it was to the left of where they showed, on the left side of a strengthening rib, and you could see an outlined or indented rectangular area that was the part that needed to be broke through. After breaking through it, I still had to fish around to find the release latch, but once I found it , it popped right out. If this sounds like what you're up against, you might want to go to a parts store and at least look at a new cylinder, maybe take some measurements, so you have a better idea of what you are trying to accomplish.

    Product Auto part Cylinder

    D.C. - &nbsp Just to add a note to Gene's post; (nice job on the pic Gene)

    Sometimes there wont be a thin cast membrane covering the release latch, needing to be broken out and sometimes there will be. Also I have found that if you don't push the release latch down pretty much in the center it will not release the lock cylinder because it kinda teeter totters. Don't be tempted to pry out on the thumb flange of the lock cylinder as it will pop off of the cylinder and can't be put back on . At least not very easily.

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