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69 fuel tank vent holes

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I have a fuel tank on my 69 with a vented gas cap. When I fill the tank up, fuel pours out of the 2 vent holes on the top corner. Question I have is can I simply plug those 2 holes as I am using a vented cap? I have seen some say they use a 3/8' line attaching to a fuel filter and then run a 3/8" line up above the tank, I assume this is zip tied somewhere in the frame?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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I've addressed this issue in the past in regards to my car (a 20,000 mile original unrestored when I bought it 11 yrs ago). My car never had the small foam-filled just had (and still has) the two hoses going up to the bracket on the frame or underbody. So, the hose ends are just open to the atmosphere. I have never had any problem with fuel spilling out of the hose ends.
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