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69 Fan switch question

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Is a 69 non A/C car fan switch two speed or three speed?
I am trying to get my fan going and I dont know if I sould be getting three speeds or just two?
This is the controlls with the three sliders the top one is the fan switch.
Any help is appreciated.

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Thanks for the reply Dean:
Ive done a search in this forum and after alot if reading I think your correct.
Accually what Im trying to do is hook up a a Vintage air fan, the problem is "I think" the OE switch internally connected two sides of the OE resistor to get low speed and the one side of the resistor for the med. speed and the none of the resistor for high speed.
The problem I have is when I hook the V/A fan to these wires L,M,H, I get a high and a med. but no low. Or I can rearange the wireing and get high and low but no med.

I really dont think anyone at Vintage air has ever put one of these units in a car?
If they did they would rename them "sure DONT fit".
Anyway "ANY" idea's would be welcome, I would like to do this without replacing the switch as It is not easy to get to.
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Thanks guys I figured it out.
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