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69 F bird need a few parts recommendations

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Sorry if its the wrong questions for F bodys on CF never seem to bring any answers. Wonder sometimes how those cars get built lol

-Has manual brakes, front disc. Pedal effort is super high, more than it should be.
Will re bleed the brakes but doesnt seem right.

Wants to convert to 12:1 power steering, its all manual now
Best place to get it all in one stop?So many boxes out now who knows whats good or bad. Hes not rich but wont buy the cheapest either.

What pieces do I need so this trans kicks down for passing gear?
sbc holley carb T350 trans.

Thats all for now, appreciate it.
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I think i'd look into hydroboost for both power steering, and power brakes. They also make a ton of after market sub frames for that (same as camaro), and i believe some also come with rack and pinion which could also be a option.
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