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Just picked up an entire rust free CA rear clip to take quarters off of.
It is cut-off below the rear window frame pillars.

Only paid $100.00, and $85.00 in gas to get it. :hurray:

My question becomes where should I do my cuts?
I'm trying to repair rust around both wheel arches and lower area all the way back below the body line on the right side.

In some ways I prefer to cut away as little original metal as possible.
I suspect that some areas are easier to weld and blend the seam than others?

Pretty sure I should go above the body line into the 'Flat' metal?

The donor bed was just about mint, should I try to save the floor, inner panels, wheel housings, etc. for other to use?

Posted a Craigslist ad hoping to barter with a bodyman, no response so far.

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How about a pic, that would help give you the right info. Take the whole quarter off, drill out the spot welds along the top (under the rail mldg), wheel arch, door jamb, lower rear quarter and along the edge of the tail lamp pocket. I'd cut above the rocker about an inch then cut a backing plate sleeve, use a cut off wheel and tape a good line for a straight cut. I'd do the same at the sail panel, sleeve or backing plate.

This pic is a bit hard to see but this quarter I had to pull off cause the PO had overlayed the quarter. In the front you can see the lower quarter and sail area are ready for the quarter to go back on.

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