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H>>E>>L>>L>>O everyone. Great mto be a part of the group. I need your help!!! I have a line on a nice original (but needs full restoration) 69 chevelle SS 396, 350HP, 4 spd, bucket seat, vinyl top car. Unfortunately the tub is badly rusted. I think I will have to find a 'rust free' donor tub to even think about purchasing this 'basket case' (it s fully disassebled right now but, I have done this before). Any leads I can get on a rust free (or nearly so) tub wouild be appreciated even if i have to convert a non-vinyl top car to a vinyl top car or an automatic trans car to a four speed car. The important part is the rust free tub, preferrably with rust free doors (not required). I would appreciate any help you can give me in my search for my next project. Thanks MLB.

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Welcome to the site Mike.

If you are calling the body a "tub" You are one of hundreds if not thousands of people that would like to locate a good-rust free one.
Better check the frame out good too if it's that rusty.

You can post a want ad in our FREE classified section.

Other than that, keep searching the for sale ads.
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