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69 Chevelle SS - Paint Question

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I am getting ready to paint my 69 Chevelle SS, question is: Did the SS's in 69 have the SS stripes down the hood and trunk? Or did was that an option that did not start until the 1970 Chevelle SS? Most all of the photo's with exception of a few are solid hood and trunk with the solid strips along the upper body line on each side. Might seem like a dumb question, but wanted to see if any experts out there can send me in the right direction.

Thank you,
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Nope, no hood and deck stripes in 69.
Not from the assembly plant anyway.
Some were added later.

To me, they just don't look good with the hood and deck stripes but quite a few people do like them it seems.
OK Dean, no hood and deck stripes for 69 FROM THE FACTORY.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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