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69 Chevelle SS 396 w/ 138 Vin #

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I talk to a guy that own a 69 Chevelle SS 396 and he claimed that in 69 there were two Types of SS 396 built. He said GM built a true SS 396 that was built at the plant from beginning to the end and used the vin number 138. That a 136 was a Chevelle SS 396 was a converted from a select Malibu sport coupe at the plant. I have never seen a true 69 Chevelle SS 396 with 138 vin number. I told the guy that the 138 vin number was last used in 1968. He insist that there are rare and out there. Does anybody have any truth to this comment?:confused:
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You are right and he's full of crap. No 138's in '69. Just 136 and 134 (in '69 the SS396 was an option package on the 136 Malibu and 134 300 Deluxe (2 drs only), plus the El Camino.
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