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'69 Chevelle rear spring question-please help

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Just bought another '69 SS Chevelle, but I have a problem with the way it sits. The wheel opening sits a couple inches higher than the top of the rear tire. The car does have ladder bars, but they're coming off. Here's the way it sits now-

I want to put original SS wheels back on the car. With the current stance, it will be ghastly. I'd like it to sit more like this-

Question is this- if I use new stock replacement springs, like Moog, will the car sit just as high since they're new springs? Or would a spring like the Hotchkiss, with 1" drop, be more appropriate? Thanks in advance!
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It may sit a bit higher than that blue car, but it definitely won't sit as high as it is now.
That car looks like it has stock height springs, so if that's the height you want, I'd go with the stock replacement springs.

If you used lowering springs in the rear, it would look like it's going uphill.

The ladder bars definitely need to come off, those don't belong on a street car, but I don't believe they effect the height.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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