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'69 Chevelle rear spring question-please help

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Just bought another '69 SS Chevelle, but I have a problem with the way it sits. The wheel opening sits a couple inches higher than the top of the rear tire. The car does have ladder bars, but they're coming off. Here's the way it sits now-

I want to put original SS wheels back on the car. With the current stance, it will be ghastly. I'd like it to sit more like this-

Question is this- if I use new stock replacement springs, like Moog, will the car sit just as high since they're new springs? Or would a spring like the Hotchkiss, with 1" drop, be more appropriate? Thanks in advance!
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Derek, which one, the Hotchkiss or the Moog?

Are the ladder bars making it sit so high, or the springs?
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