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1969 Malibu L65/M20 Canadian built ///1972 El Camino all original
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I am finally going to change the drums to disc on the chevelle. After reading a ton of posts I have a few questions about the conversion

I am changing manual drum/drum to manual disc/drum using over the counter parts.

I have spindles, backing plates & caliper brackets from a 69 Camaro.

1. Which master cylinder is best-1"(70 442) or 15/16(75-77 Chevelle)?
2. Will i have to modify the push rod assembly for the master or will it bolt right up?
3. Will the hard lines have to be changed?
4. Do i keep the distribution block and add proportioning valve to the rears?
5. should I get the slotted/drilled rotors?

I want to keep this simple and affordable as possible.
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