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69 Chevelle Alternate Brake Light Operation

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Sometimes the only the left brake light works, other times the right and other times both. I've checked and in fact added additional grounds to the sockets themselves.
I suspect the problem is in the steering column associated with the turn signal operation. Work done by others when converting from column to floor shift (automatic). Hazard lights work but switch will not stay on.
Am I correct in my assumption?
Looking for a rebuild kit.
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How did you add aditional grounds to the light sockets?
First place id look would be the connector on the steering column. There is a feed from the brake switch ( should be white wire) that runs to the connector on the steering co!umn. Might want to check that for something amiss, such as pushed/ bent connector or damaged wire.
Soldered wire to socket metal and ran to body bolt.
Will do . . . thanks. Hoping not to pull the steering wheel, but probably going to have to.
Are your turn signals functioning correctly? If so then that circuit should be good and shouldnt be anything wrong inside the column.
They work but very touchy. The hazard warning switch will not stay on either.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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