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Hi all, I have a 69 396 Chevelle SS that for some reason has decided to not go into park. When I got the car everything was slightly off to begin with. I've had the car 6 years now and never had any issues with it until today. My park has become reverse, neutral is drive, etc.

Can anyone give me some idea as to how to fix this? The shifter isn't stiff like its stuck. It isn't an issue right now since it is warmed up but once the engine is cold and I have to pump the gas, we are gonna have problems.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I assume you mean an automatic with console. I had this issue once. I lost neutral basically all together, but it wasnt hard to fix. I cant say for sure this is whats wrong with yours, but its not hard to check.

If you pull the top of the console off, to the left of the shifter, near the front, you should notice where the cable comes to the shifter, and attaches to the mechanical portion.. Theres a bolt for adjustment there. My guess is the nut for the adjustment is loose. Simply set it to where you want it. I hope I am articulating this well. Just ot be sure, I will attach a photo from when I switched to console. Circled in red is the adjustment.


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