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69 / 70 Quadrajet ID number and build date

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Trying to decode the ID number on a Quadrajet
7040204 FF dated 0429

The “0” in 7040204 = 1970 Chevy

But the assembly date code has me confused ?
"042" was posted in the ad by the owner

042 = 42 day of the year carb was assembled
9 = 1969

That would be way to early in 1969 to be assembled on a 1970

Is it possible the first number in the “042” is not a zero ?
This is the picture posted on Craigs list.... its hard to tell ?

If it’s a 3 then the unit was assembled in Dec of 1969 to be used on an early 1970 car
I'm trying to locate a 7040204 carb for a March 09 1970 engine build
If it is a 3 would this still be to early for the build date I'm looking for

Thanks for taking the time to look - Bob Tire Automotive tire Bumper Tread Automotive exterior

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I wouldnt be to concerned with the build date.In 70 they had a small strike and parts were mass produced just in case.Carter even built some carbs for gm .Lots of nos build date carbs were not even put on the cars .I ve seen 7040204 ff carbs 3 -4 months early ,possibly more.Same as exhaust manifold date codes,all over the place.
just a note ,alot of the 7040204 were missing the 7 on the carb stamp.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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