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69 / 70 Quadrajet ID number and build date

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Trying to decode the ID number on a Quadrajet
7040204 FF dated 0429

The “0” in 7040204 = 1970 Chevy

But the assembly date code has me confused ?
"042" was posted in the ad by the owner

042 = 42 day of the year carb was assembled
9 = 1969

That would be way to early in 1969 to be assembled on a 1970

Is it possible the first number in the “042” is not a zero ?
This is the picture posted on Craigs list.... its hard to tell ?

If it’s a 3 then the unit was assembled in Dec of 1969 to be used on an early 1970 car
I'm trying to locate a 7040204 carb for a March 09 1970 engine build
If it is a 3 would this still be to early for the build date I'm looking for

Thanks for taking the time to look - Bob Tire Automotive tire Bumper Tread Automotive exterior

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Below is the breakdown of the number...Feb of 69 is to early for a March built car. I don't think it's a zero look at the 04 on the part number...the 0 has a considerable space between it and the top of the 4. On the date you can see a slight tooling mark for a number...if it was a zero I don't think the mark would be visible. Good Luck.


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Mike - Thank you for the quick response - Owner just got back to me and is going to double check the number. He thinks it may be a "3" not a "0". If it does turn out to be a "3" that would make it a Dec 1969 assembled carb. Do you think that's still to early to be installed on a March 09 1970 engine ? Thoughts Thanks
Just a note...Not sure how much the seller wants for the carb...but, if you've been looking then you know they can be close to 2K..especially an 7040205 manual transmission carb. If it's a really good price...I'd purchase it and use it to bargain/trade for what you need.

Thanks Mike - $500.00 complete carb needs to be rebuilt
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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