Air cleaner for 1969 Chevelle 396/325 with Turbo 400 automatic transmission. This is a one-year-only item, and only correct for this application. Hard to find because many were discarded back in the day, due to the fact that, other than the chromed lid, it looked just like an air cleaner you’d see on many family sedans, and that wasn’t ‘cool’. They were often replaced by either the factory-issue open element air cleaner or some aftermarket piece that had a more performance oriented appearance. But here, 53 years on, if you have one of these cars and you want a factory correct appearance, you need this! Has some rust on the inside of the housing and a couple small spots on the chromed lid, but otherwise in good condition. Not dented or damaged, and the flapper valve inside the snorkel moves freely. Don’t know if the Thermac unit that operates the flapper valve is functional, but it feels as if it would be. If you don’t want to pay $800 for a fully restored one, you can buy this for $150 and do it yourself. Will ship for actual shipping cost, please contact for info.