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68 won't turn off

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I hope you don't mind, my 68 is actually a Camaro. I have a problem that just won't go away.

About 6 weeks ago my car started to not turn off when I turned the key to the off position.

The Car:
68 Camaro, 427, Crane HI-6 Iginition with PS-92 coil, HEI, stock alternator (1 year old), stock regulator (6 months old) with a diode (new today) soldered in-line, stock starter, aftermarket tach, good battery, brand new ignition switch (today), TH350 trans

*Car won't turn off
*Car will turn off when the key is in the off position and I move the shifter to reverse from park.
*After the car has been turned off, the GEN light and my tachometer light stay on until I disconnect the negative side of the battery.
*The negative battery terminal sparks a little when I push the negative connector back on.

What changed to make this start happening all of a sudden:
NOTHING, it just started one day.

What have I tried so far:
New ignition switch and key mech.
New inline diode to the 4th terminal on the external regulator.

What's wrong with this old Chevy?
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Another source of such problems is a ground wire that got inadvertantly connected to plus battery voltage. Starter??

Craig Berland
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