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68 Windshield trim

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I had a new windshield installed in my 68 convertible and now the upper molding is about a 1/4 inch above the windshield and looks terrible. I know new windshields are thin but.... The only solution I see is bend the hell out of the upper molding (not a good idea) or get the windshield reset further out from the frame. Any ideas?
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Sounds like the glass wasn't installed correctly. What did they use to install the glass? Butyl or urethane in a tube? If they used butyl like they should have, what size was it? 3/8" or 5/16?
When urethane is used, the guy putting the bead on, really has to know how thick to make it, so the height is correct. If you use butyl, it comes in 3/8 dia, and there's no mistakes.
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