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68 SS w/ Gauges

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I just bought a 68 SS with factory gauges ... and cant get the temp gauge to work. I have installed a new sending unit with no luck. Whenever you starte the car, the gauge does go to the coldest position ... but it just stays there. What is the path of the circuit? How often do these gauges go bad ... and is a replacement available? Thanks for any help you can give.
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the sending unit is the ground ... as you've said the guage zero's out when power is applyed I'd say the sending wire isn't making contact or is broken ... quick check disconect wire from sending unit an put jumper wire to it & a good ground ... should send guage up if not wire is probley broken check with ohm meter
don't you just hate it when that happens ...oh well your not to first person to have GROUND problem ... (that is why my reply started with the SENDER is GROUND) :D most of the problems I've seen while answering questions on this board are ground related :eek: at least you figured it out before buying new guages !!!
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I don't know about a new guage being avaible ... but I have used Redline gauge & clock repair in Tennessee 1-731 661-0239 call them
first tho did you clean all the junk out of the threads where the sender screws in?? I mean like with a small wire wheel down to bare casting ?? & did you check & clean the power supply line to the guage ?? Intermit problems are the hardest to track down... taking the dash out & apart isn't much fun
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