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I know this belongs in the body shop sect. but I havent been able to get any response over there on this topic. I have a 68 SS and I have to replace the trunck floor. I would prefer to find a donor car and replace it with a full factory trunk floor. My question is what other models and what years would have the same trunk pan? Thanks for any help...

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Replaced the entire trunk floor in my 69'.
Contact: "Hockters" ? or "Hockters New and Old" in Phoenix AZ. This is a salvage yard in AZ. I got mine several rears ago. It was rust free and complete. I don't know the PH number right off so you'll need to call information.
I will tell you the part was very resonable but the shipping was a little expensive.
They should have 68' there so you don't have to use a different year. But if they don't I would think they may have a book to let you know what other cars would work. My educated guess would be any GM "A" body 68' thru 72', Chev Chevelle/Malibu, Olds Cutlass or 442, Buick Skylark or GS, Pontiac GTO or Lemans.

Just found that number!
Hidden Valley Auto Parts Inc.
Jeff Hoctor
Phoenix AZ (603)252-2122
Maricopa AZ. (520)568-2945
This buisness card is over 10 years old so you may still have to info if the area code has been changed.

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