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68 ladder bar coilover choice n dialing in what’s ur car weigh????

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Ok so I have an iron headed bbc car that’s back halved Dana 60 ladder bar n 33x 22 or so street radials. My coilovers have the adjustable perches off the axle they are eye to eye and I have two sets up upper holes to choose from that are only an inch in difference in height. The lowers perches I can move in increments of I’d say an inch in either direction. Currently the car has old vw shocks (for extension length purposes) and a set of 160 lbs in coilovers. Due to using what came w the car and in the trunk factor upon purchase I felt putting these together to see what I had in the end. Well I had to adjust the coilovers to maximum height to clear the freakin balloons of the tires out back I feel like the only give I have on pushing on the bumper is really just the air in those huge tires I’m feeling like I’ve basically locked the operation of my rear suspension w these coilovers. What’s a great place to start sorting this out? Imma weigh the 68 when my knee is better I just had surgery just wanted to know if anyone else has been here before
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A few good photos of your rear end setup will be helpful.
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To me it looks like the shocks do nothing, like a solid rod. The ladder bars appear to have a down angle toward the front. Flat is better. Do you need that tire size?
JMO. Having a 69', I would raise the front mount of the ladder bars. Get double adjustable coilovers. There are lots of single adjustables used that went to doubles. Grind those welds down while checking for damage to the axle tubes. Get a smaller tire.
Is that an aluminum driveshaft?
Give us some info on the engine and trans.
What is the intended usage?
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