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68 ignition switch mounting

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Is there a metal plate behind the dash that the ignition switch goes through? When I purchased the car the dash was all pulled apart and the ignition switch was just hanging. I am trying to piece this all together and put it back together correctly. Any advice or pictures would be greatly appreciated.
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Here is a link to both sides. Ignition and headlight side. Both must be used and grounded to the main gauge cluster plus a wire is needed from that mounting points to the emergency brake with a small screw with a round spayed connector. If you do not do all you will have a bunch of stuff screwing up if working at all

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Good catch Greg. This is the part number 817042 showing on the link I provided that Greg is showing going from the headlight reinforcing plate to the gauge cluster. Like I stated there is an additional ground wire that runs from there to the ebrake housing that is grounded to the car itself.
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