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'68 Frame stiffening?

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'68 El Camino so the frame is already boxed from the factory.
Still seems pretty flexible to me.

Picking up another frame on Tuesday from a '69 El Camino.
Not going to be pulling the wheels off the ground racing but a stiff frame helps handling as the suspension works better.

Wondering what might be done without a crazy amount of fabrication or adding a full roll cage?

I have all the welding tools, and will have a bare frame to start from.

Also putting in an IRS, probably from a Jag since the 'Vette stuff is harder to get and more expensive.
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From my research I would need a C4 'Vette rear.

Chevelle/El Camino has less space than your '57, and I want wide tires.

The narrower C4 rear is harder to find, and more expense when found.
Guy locally has one that is really just the center section and outer ends with drum brakes so might actually be C3.
Lots of fab to be done, bad gear ratio, from a wreck (Hidden damage?) still wants $350 for it.

Jag rear with posi, basically a Dana-44 center, inboard rear brakes, and good gears = $500.

Not going racing, just want to handle the curves.

I did read the thread above.
I have the advantage that the El Camino and convertible frames are factory boxed, maybe a hint for guys who want to save some time on a build.
No big deal for me to make continuos welds in place of the factory stitch welds.
Hopefully my IRS conversion may provide additional opportunity for cross bracing.
Think I will start by having the "New" frame checked for straitness.
I would like to add a cage, but not one that is obvious from outside, or limits interior space too much, conflicting goals are a curse.
I will take a close look at possible options for triangulation wherever possible.
Trying to avoid having the car off the road for very long, one reason I got a second frame.
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