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'68 Frame stiffening?

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'68 El Camino so the frame is already boxed from the factory.
Still seems pretty flexible to me.

Picking up another frame on Tuesday from a '69 El Camino.
Not going to be pulling the wheels off the ground racing but a stiff frame helps handling as the suspension works better.

Wondering what might be done without a crazy amount of fabrication or adding a full roll cage?

I have all the welding tools, and will have a bare frame to start from.

Also putting in an IRS, probably from a Jag since the 'Vette stuff is harder to get and more expensive.
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Just installed a 70-72 El Camino frame under my 70 Wagon. not really going to get crazier than a factory boxed frame for this project, but did add the bolted bushings under the doors (standard is a floating bushing) and cut out the single bushing firewall bushing mounts and replaced with double bushing mounts, like are used in convertibles and Monte Carlos. Should give some additional stiffness to the frame/body assembly.

Firewall mount info here:

Good luck,
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