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1968 El Camino, 327, M20, 'Glass tilt front, Jag IRS....
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Okay, picked up a decent running slightly warmed up 350 to use in the El Camino until I can complete the hot 327.
No.'s decode as 1970 4V 300 HP, Turbo 350, AF&X body style.
I think it was probably the numbers matching block for the Nova it came from.
He's going LS for the Nova, his loss my gain!
I got the complete package, headers and all for $650.00. :hurray:

It's replacing a 400 SB that just does not have enough oil pressure to suit me.
The 400 will eventually go into a 4x4 truck I have.

Keeping my built Turbo 400. trans for now.

The 350 is on a stand for cleaning, new gaskets, paint.

Once it's ready to put in, what is the simplest method?
I will probably have little if any help and need to get it done quickly as this is my daily driver.
Unlike the car it came out of I need to leave the front clip on my car.

I'm thinking I will want to separate the engine from the trans to get it out?

For going back in, torque converter in the trans then add the bolts to the flex plate after getting the engine and trans mated?

Also have three different intakes and carbs to choose from, which will be the best driver for mostly normal around town and the occasional blast?
Victor Jr. and double pumper with manual secondaries that has no choke or even the horn for one.
Torker II with same carb. This is what was on the engine when I got it.
Carb # 6R3745B, I have no idea what size it is and the Holly listing does not seem to show it.

Edelbrock Performer spread-bore?
I have the recently rebuilt Q-Jet (Vac. secondaries) from the 400, or a 650 spread-bore double pumper with manual secondaries.

Not sure how wild the engine is, seemed fairly tame when I heard it run, but the previous owner found it necessary to fit a vacuum can?
Came from a 71 Nova, power DRUM brakes and TH350.
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