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im assembling my 68 chevelle dash and i came across some electric connectors i dont know what they go to. they are black plastic wire ends that go to different round sockets in the back of the cluster. they have a single wire and no metal parts they look like they might take a bulb but there is no way to twist and lock a bulb in. there is just two small holes on eather side. all i can think of is they take a special bulb.any ideas.

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What you have are bulb sockets that the metal clips have fallen out of. Many times the clips are still in the cluster, 'cause folks pull the plastic socket instead of using a small pick or screwdriver to pry the metal clip out of the cluster.
This pic shows two sockets, one with the clip, one without-

This pic shows the socket and clip-

American Autowire sells complete replacement sockets. part #500127 for $6 each.
If the sockets have a gray wire, then they're for the dash illumination, and use a 1816 bulb.
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