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68 Chevelle value

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I know economy is down and i actually have no intention of selling this chevelle but was curious what people thought of it and what it was worth. Any input would be great. Seeing what some people value cars at, I would think this would be a nice car in the teens$$$$

The car is very nice. I started with a original rust free straightcar and did a New paint job. New vinal top, was actually a two-tone paint car with the same chrome as the vinal top cars so i put a vina; top on it. Nice black factory bucket seat interior with console shift. Rebuilt numbers matching 307 (I know, just a 307), rebuilt power glide, SS hood added and new 427 emblems, 1/2 the chrome was replaced as once I went to put on the original, the car was too nice to put just ok chrome on. 3.08 12 bolt posi. Getting ready to convert to a new disc brake set-up as it has drums now.
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a car in the same condition and with the same engine trans combo here locally just sold this past weekend for $12500. It had working factory ac and am/fm radio and the SS hood as well. It had new disc brakes, new rear brakes and the front end just redone with all new ball joints etc. Completely rust free interior perfect. I offered $10,500 and waited a week for the guy to make up is mind.
15K for that car is high in my opinion based on cars I have been looking at.

If it was closer to me I would give you 13K for it as it sits if it had a/c, but shipping today that far would probably kill me.
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