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68 Chevelle Starter Wire Issue

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Folks, here's a puzzler for you. Got my 68 out of the paint/body shop a few weeks a go. Has been starting and running great. New wire harness under dash and under hood; new INT regulated alternator; new battery; new gear reduction starter.. All worked just fine until........... Went to start her up last Friday to take into a shop to have a few things done and NO POWER to STARTER.. nothing. Turn the key and nothing except the aftermarket temp guage dims so I know power it being pulled/pushed. Fuse is good, all wires seem to be connected, etc. I was digging around under the dash and under the hood on the passenger side to try and track down why the heater blower motor won't blow so I possible kicked something loose but can't see anything. Haven't done any testing beyond that but I'm pretty sure it's just some bone head thing I did. Thoughts? As always, thanks for your input. RJ
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Anyone? I've checked the connection box behind the battery for a solid connection... seems good. Horn relay wires seem connected fine.. Don't have a multi meter for testing on hand so still guessing..
if nothing getting to starter then sounds like ignition switch right? assuming battery is good...
Batt is a new Optima red top (brand new).. You may be right... Will check it soon. Thanks. RJ
Found it.. Purple wire to starter was loose :rolleyes:
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