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Hi -

My husband has a 1968 Chevelle SS that needs rear shocks. I am going to buy these for him for Christmas, but he has said he is not particular on which brand. Does anyone have any suggestions they are willing to share?

By the way, he just drives the car periodically when the weather is nice. It is not a trailer on/off show car nor does he race the car.

Thanks for your help!

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Hey There...
I too have a 68 SS....I replaced all my shocks with the ones from Edelbrock and I'm not sure I would get them again....The rear shock boots will not stay in position the way they are supposed to .....I had to improvise w/cable ties to make it work...Kinda silly for a $50 shock..anyway, I have used KYB and Koni in the past and liked them....maybe try them out...Good luck..
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