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68 Chevelle engine I.D.

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I m considering buying a '68 SS396 Chevelle which is in pretty rough shape. The owner says it has the original motor, but cannot tell me which version of 396 it has. How can I tell what kind of motor is in this car? It is worth restoring a basketcase if the car is not a L 78 motor?
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The question on whether or not a car is worth restoring is mainly up to you. Money wise most restorations are money pits and you never get back what you put in a car. As for 68 Super Sports, I personally think they ALL should be restored/restified
. A reasonable price for an SS body where I am in the NW is around 1500-2000 depending on the equipment it comes with. With the original motor they would be more. Seen 2 Malibu bodys for sale at $350 and $400 and they sold quick. Another thing about 68's is they seem to be less popular so some parts are hard to find. What kind of deal are we talking? Good Luck

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