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67 Strato buckets

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They are done, finally! My brothers upholstery guy had these for several months. I think he did an awesome job!
They started out life in a 67 GTO. Removed and put in dry storage since the early 80’s.
Rambo supplied his BOP to Chevelle conversion kit, which made a huge difference. I had Legendary make the covers in 66 frost white, but in 67 configuration. Added American Cushion seat buns, new burlap, and padding. Also added head restraints.
Door cards will be white while 5e headliner, carpet, and dash will be black.


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Sadly they don't really don't repro head restraints... well. In fact the covers are not even correct as they were molded out of plastic/vinyl so to cover them it is tough to make them look stock. I was going to put my mint black one's on my seats... but after seeing the look it wouldn't work in my car with all Parchment interior except for carpets and console dash. Oreos are over rated anyway...
I have a pair of black head restraints that are less than perfect and asked legendary to make a set of covers out of the metallic parchment they used for the seats...for 68. They are sending me the swatch soon??? hahahah what am I thinking. The seats look good Hope they work for you in your car. Now if they started to reproduce them...for the 66-72 years I am sure they would sell. TMI covers look better for a 68 IMO as Legendary only makes for a 69 and they are a different shape. But will the materials match? Not into trying to match a mint set of black rests using paint or dye. going to ask if TMI will use the material from Legendary to make 68 covers.
I still think legendary is telling you the wrong things... 68 headrests are the same shape and size as the 69-72 headrests, the only differences have to do with the location of the lock notches on the legs.

Only 66/67 are the bigger Flat faced style like shown in the top thread... So Legendary's 69-72 style covers will fit, exactly as TMI's do.
As long as their latest batch of vinyl matches your seats, I wouldn't hesitate to order them, they will look great.
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