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Hey guys,

I bought that 67 Chevelle last September in Edmonton AB Canada and drove it through the rockies home to Vancouver Island. No problems except for the start problems I had discussed with you on the forum at 67 Chevelle Starting Problems

The long screw driver worked just fine. A little annoying when you get comments such as nice car, but then you have to go under the hood to start it :mad:

Anyway, I have dusted it off and have taken it out for the summer. I still have the start problems even after replacing battery, starter, ground, and cleaning up ignition switch terminals and neutral safety switch. My question to you experts out there is that several of you make reference to a heavier gauge wire to the S terminal. See This Thread Is this the wire from the neutral safety switch, and won't I need to upgrade all the wiring through the firewall to #10 gauge to reduce voltage drop. BTW, I replaced my ground with a shorter #4 gauge and the positive also with a new #4 gauge. Should I put #1 gauge on these as well?

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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