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I posted this question a couple of weeks ago, the only measurement in the assy manual is for the front fenders. Here is the info I received and it helped me, If you do a search on emblem templete help.. and you find pictures and other info to help. The only measurements I cant seem to find are the rear emblem which if it is an SS emblem it is just centered in the back panel and I can seem to find anything on the hood emblem.

Dale McIntosh said:
This is how I read it.

Horizontal first:

1. Looking at 11-13 B12, the horizontal '0' reference is 3.52" below the lower fender/door line.
2. Looking at 11-13 B3, the centerline for the lower holes for the 396 flag is .12" below the 20" mark (or 19.88" from the '0' reference).
3, The twenty mark is 20"-3.52", or 16.48" from the lower fender/door line.

4. Subtract the .12" from the 16.42" gives you 16.36" up from the lower fender/door line.

Another way to look at it, to make the lower fender/door line a reference point, subtract the 3.52" from there to the '0' reference from any vertical measurements and measure from the lower fender/door line. The centerline of the lower holes is 19.88" (20-.12 from the '0' reference) less the 3.52" gives you 16.36" again.

Vertical next:
1. The '0' reference is 38.92" rearward from the centerline of the radiator core support.
2. The centerline of the lower right 396 flag hole is -35 + .19 or -35.19 forward of the '0' reference. Since the core support is easier (and closer) to measure from, subtract the 35.19 measurement (obtained from the '0' reference) from the centerline of the core support (38.92) giving you 3.73".

These should work on the driver side as well as the passenger side. Just remember the final 'first' hole on the driver side is the lower right-most mounting hole but it'd be the lower left-most mounting hole on the passenger side.

Something else you might do is find a friend or someone at a car show that's pretty certain they're fenders/emblems are original. Ask if you can take a piece of soft string and run it from the centerline of the core support and drape it over and down the fender. I measured a 396 flag emblem and from the centerline of the mounting hole in question moving 3.73" forward should be just at the left edge of the '3' in 396. That's where the string should cross.

If you note where the string is on the core support (find a handy reference point - something like the hood adjustment bolts - and mark the string) then mark it again at any reference point on the emblem, e.g., top of the red flag, top or bottom horizontal 'frame' on the emblem. You'll then have a reference point to work from on your fender.

Also since whatever reference point used on the core support may not be symetrical both left and right, take the same measurement from some point on the passenger side.

I don't have any specific measurements for the rear cove SS396 emblem and don't have any good, clear, closeup photos of the area but I'd say the critical measurement would be the gap between the trunk lock and the top of the emblem...centering shouldn't be a problem.

Confused even more? :thumbsup:
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