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'67 on Desert Car Kings

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Anyone catch that last night??? Wondering what you guys thought about it. total "restoration" cost them 12k, and they bought the car for 5k. They sold it at the auction for $21,500 !!!!!!!

however... i did not catch whether it was a real SS. when they showed the before picture, the hood did not look like an SS hood. at the auction they said it has a 454, but i missed when they were messing with the engine. all the badging that they bought was 396...
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They mentioned a couple times that it was an "ultra rare" true SS. That is way they went to Impala Bobs to buy the almost impossible to fine ultra rare reproduction emblems. :D There is another thread about this episode already.

oh ok, oops! i did read that thread, but i thought they were talking about a '68. thought i would start a new one. :D
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