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67 Neutral Safety Switch-Column to Floor

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Have a 67 136 car. When I purchased a couple years back, it had a '77 454 with a '68 Saginaw 4 speed on the floor. Best I can tell, car was originally a 283 with a 3 on the tree. Pulled the 454 and Saginaw and am currently in the process of swapping out the engine (to a '66 396), tranny (to a '67 Munice 4 speed with Hurst shifter) and column (to a '67 SS floor shift). From reading some older posts on the site if I am correct (?) the 283 with a 3 on the tree DID have a neutral safety switch where as the floor shift models in '67 did NOT. So......having pulled the original column I have disconnected and taken out what I believe to be the neutral safety switch. Dash harness wiring has been replaced since I owned car - replaced with a repro from Lectric Limited (correct color, gauge, length of wires). My question is - will I have any issues starting the car without the neutral safety switch??

Let me know if you need more info as I'm a novice.

Thanks for your guidance - always much appreciated.

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Hey Mike - thanks for your reply - clearly answered my question. BTW I did just go out and have a look under the dash. As you indicated, there is a purple wire and purple w/white stripe wire connected together and I guess they will remain unplugged.

You guys are a wealth of knowledge. I'm ever so slowly gaining some experience but can not yet answer many (most) of the questions posted. Look forward to the day when I'm able. Again - much appreciated.

So while we are at it - any resources for a COLOR wiring diagram for a '67? I do have a black and white manual which is fair at best.
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