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67 Neutral Safety Switch-Column to Floor

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Have a 67 136 car. When I purchased a couple years back, it had a '77 454 with a '68 Saginaw 4 speed on the floor. Best I can tell, car was originally a 283 with a 3 on the tree. Pulled the 454 and Saginaw and am currently in the process of swapping out the engine (to a '66 396), tranny (to a '67 Munice 4 speed with Hurst shifter) and column (to a '67 SS floor shift). From reading some older posts on the site if I am correct (?) the 283 with a 3 on the tree DID have a neutral safety switch where as the floor shift models in '67 did NOT. So......having pulled the original column I have disconnected and taken out what I believe to be the neutral safety switch. Dash harness wiring has been replaced since I owned car - replaced with a repro from Lectric Limited (correct color, gauge, length of wires). My question is - will I have any issues starting the car without the neutral safety switch??

Let me know if you need more info as I'm a novice.

Thanks for your guidance - always much appreciated.

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As long as the purple and purple w/white stripe wires are connected together, the car should start.....that is if your Lectric Limited wiring harness wires are the same colors as an original type harness or a reproduction harness from M&H. All the neutral safety switch does is interrupt power to the starter when the selector lever is in any position other than Park and Neutral. Pretty simple really, the wires just need to be connected without a switch between them.

BTW, manual transmission cars didn't have a neutral safety switch until 1969, and that was connected to the clutch pedal. My '67 has a NSS on the original 3 speed auto column but obviously I didn't connect anything to it since I switched to a 4 speed.
Hey Mike - thanks for your reply - clearly answered my question. BTW I did just go out and have a look under the dash. As you indicated, there is a purple wire and purple w/white stripe wire connected together and I guess they will remain unplugged.
I'm guessing you mean plugged-in...typo? They need to be plugged together to connect to the starter. If they aren't the car will not start.

So while we are at it - any resources for a COLOR wiring diagram for a '67? I do have a black and white manual which is fair at best.
I have their 8 1/2" x 11" version. One of the best tools I have used to put my car back together. The only thing I've found that isn't on the diagram is the yellow radio power wire(the speaker wires and their routing locations are in the factory assembly manual)....other than that it's correct.

Glad to help:thumbsup:
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