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Location of my shifter ought to work perfectly with the auto shifter opening

Are the little mount brackets available and if so do they need to be welded in or can they be screwed?
Really dont wanna tear my interior out to weld..but dont want a floppy consoile either.

Suggestions? Or should I just leave it be with no console? Like the way it looks but dig the appearance of a nice console too

Fell in love with a 65 or 66 Impala console that had the sawtooth gauges ...console goes vertical ending just under the if it could be factory for this car. Thoughts? Ill have to google a pic. If I did Id ditch the SS gauges and putt he clock and big gas gauge back in.
Use rivnuts for mounting the console, you can get steel ones which will hold super strong and it eliminates the need to weld and is far more secure than sheetmetal screws.
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