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67 Malibu WIW

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I am going to look at a 67. It is a 6 cylinder, auto car. The car is complete and looks straight. The seller said it will need the lower quarters and a trunk pan as well as some rear window channel work. He is including everything to convert it to a 4 speed and the mounts for a small block. I am not that interested in that but oh well. He has sent sever pictures but I can not get them to post correctly. Any ideas would be great or help with posting the photos. Thanks.
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What's he asking for the car Nick?

Sometimes it's easier to tell someone that the asking price is whack as opposed to giving a value without seeing it...

a 67 Malibu 6 cyl car. auto and needing work as described.. I would hope the asking price was NO MORE than $4000 but as was said.. tell us what he is asking.. I can almost guarantee very few people will try and steal it out from under you :D
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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